Today’s Daily Draw

We have an interesting pair of cards talking to us about support, change and doing what is necessary. We have the Snow Goose and the Sturgeon as our bottom card. The Goose is a very brave and loyal bird. When a member of the flock is injured or sick members will stay by its side to protect it. This card hints that today we may have to give special attention to a realtionship. Perhaps we will have to make a serious choices about whether to stand by and protect it. First we will need to make sure it is one worth protecting. Our bottom card suggests that it might not be, but that is for each of us to decide. The Sturgeon is a deep diver. Strong and full of wisdom, he is not afraid to swim against the current if it means being true to himself. Listen to your intuition and follow it today. Be brave and do what is necessary. Sometimes we shouldn’t resist change.

Today’s Universal Number

It is an Eight Day for us. The strength and balance this number gives will be a great help to us.

Today’s Crystal

Fairy Stone is the choice of the day. This is not your average crystal. The energy is calm and helps releave stress. It is also very grounding and helps you stay connected to your inner power. Just what we need today!

Thank you BJ for today’s Guest Reading!

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