Shaman Stone in The Morning Light

The subject of today’s crystal post is not one most people would find beautiful. They are not especially colorful, generally a brownish grey, and they don’t sparkle, but today’s choice is an amazing  high energy stone which can be used for personal transformation, spiritual growth and physical healing. We are talking about Shaman Stones.

Sometimes called Moqui Balls, Moqui Marbles and Boji Stones. They are a sandstone/ironstone concretion that naturally forms into balls which range from a few centimeters to several feet in diameter. Concretions can be found all over the world, but this particular variety is specific to the South Western states of Arizona, Utah and Colorado. I’ve read that Shaman Stones can be found in other countries, but have not found any documented evidence.  On the Mohs scale these stones are a five and they work well with all Chakras.

An important thing to know is that Shaman Stones should be bought in pairs. I have never been to a shop that displayed or sold them this way, they are normally piled in a basket. But there is a male and female stone so purchase one of each! This naturally begs the question. How on earth do you tell them apart?

Taking a closer look at the picture above, you will notice that the stone on the left has a smoother texture than the right. This is the female stone. You can also tell by the feel of the stone’s energy. Holding one cupped in your hands you will feel the female energy in the upper part of your body, and the male energy in the lower part of your body. It should be noted that the stones can be used together or individually.

Let’s get into the many attributes of Shaman Stones, since they should be purchased in pairs, they are very much about harmony and balance in all aspects, physical, mental and spiritual so that we can see ourselves for who we really are.

Another attribute is that this stone has a strong grounding and protective energies. They absorb stress, and negativity which helps you feel more connected. The energy clears blockages within the Chakras and the aura, and helps raise energy levels as well as our attitude toward life. In addition, the protective energy places a shield around the body to keep negative people and influences away from us.

When placed on the Third Eye Shaman Stones enhance psychic ability. Meditating with these stones is quite powerful. Place the female stone in your left hand and the male in your right then proceed as normal.

They help release fear from your life so following your individual path is easier.

These are called Shaman Stones because they are a powerful tool when used by experienced Shamanic healers. They help the practitioner in spiritual journey work and in a ritual known as the Thunder Ball. During the ritual Shaman Stones are placed in a fire. The heat of the flames expands the stones until they explode. From the intensity of the explosion and path of the debris a Shaman can determine how critical a situation is and see the path to its solution.

If working with Shaman Stones sounds intriguing, I encourage you to seek out a pair and work with them. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and because of this I am not in any way suggesting that you leave the allopathic medical system. I am simply suggesting alternatives to enhance your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day ❤ Sharon


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