The Weekend Ahead

When you live in a reality where thoughs become things, and we do, what we think and believe about ourselves and the world around us becomes very important. The underlying energy of our weekend is the Four of Pentacles, which is a focus on our relationship with money; but, there is more. Especially as we have a full moon in Scorpio this weekend. Let’s take a closer look and see what is in store for us.

As I mentioned, our Bottom card, the Four of Pentacles, is a focus on our relationship with money. When this cards comes up in a reading, it’s telling us to be careful how we are spending, and thinking right now. Remember that the suit of Pentacles is about this 3D reality and focuses on everything that we experience in it, like our jobs, homes, health. Don’t lose sight of the long term goal, or what matters most. Is our focus on the wrong things right now?

Friday kicks off our weekend with a Major Arcana card, Judgment and it’s Reversed. The number 20 means coming into uion with Divine Potential. It’s an awakening. Upright this card is about rebirth, renewal and transformation. Reversed as it is for us today, is telling us we might be resisting the changes that we need to make. Perhaps we have made some bad or quick judgements and are suffering now because of them. Maybe we are confused and  not sure what the next step should be. If we need clarity, take the time necessary to gain it. Step away and think about what is going on, and what our goals are. Pay attention to your intuition.

Saturday brings us the Eight of Swords and the Full Moon. This can be an interesting combination for us. The Eight of Swords comes when we are feeling trapped or afraid of something. It could be we are feeling like we are being taken advantage of, maybe we are feeling trapped in a situation or in a whole so deep we can’t get out. What is important to know about this card is, this is an air card. Everything we are feeling is coming straight from our minds. Chances are we are prisioners of our own limited beliefs and negative thoughts. We can free ourselves anytime we want. All it takes is a new perspective.

The Full Moon in Scorpio today could be just what we need. A Full Moon is a call to release anything that no longer serves our highest good. The moon, being in Scorpio has been bringing up issues for us to deal with and let go. This weekend is a perfect opportunity to clear some things we no longer need. It’s time to release.

Sunday and the end of another weekend has come with the Six of Wands. This is a card of victory and success. It came up in the reading to let us know that we don’t have to be trapped by limiting, negative attitudes and beliefs systems. The coming of the Full Moon is a new beginning for us, and all we have to do it let go and be open to something new.

Have a great weekend ❤ Shay

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