Today’s Daily Draw

Making sure we have what we need to nurture ourselves is so important. Not just for ourselves but for those people in our lives as well. If we don’t take the time for us, we will eventually have nothing to give to anyone. Our cards are Cuddle and Self Care today. I find this so interesting, it seems like every time the Self Care card comes up for us, it’s a Wednesday rather than a Monday! I guess we need that mid-week reminder to recharge before we go into the final push of the week.

As physical and emotional beings, touch is very important to who we are. A firm handshake signifies confidence, a hand on the shoulder tells you good job, or you can do this, and a hug tells us we are loved and supported. When we combine this card with our bottom card and we are being asked to pay attention to the emotional needs of ourselves and others today. By being a support for someone we also we also benefit to a degree, it just makes us feel better to know we have helped someone. then after our day is done we can cuddle on the sofa with our loved ones!

Today’s Universal Number

We have another Three Day this week as a new month begins. It is a wonderful energy to help us focus on emotional self care!

Today’s Crystal

The crystal for today is Zebra Jasper, and it’s an interesting choice. The energy of this stone is grounding and helps us find balance in all aspects of our lives. It is an energy that will come in handy today!

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!!

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