Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of fire cards today, the Ten of Wands and The Phoenix. Fire is about passion, growth, and creativity. When it burns too hot it can destroy, but it also gives us the motivation to keep going, just like in our main card, the Ten of Wands. We may be feeling burdened by extra responsibility due to the successful completion of a project. Don’t let the extra work stop any movement forward. If we are able to delegate some tasks do it and prioritize the rest. That will help release some of the stress we may be feeling.

Our bottom card is the Phoenix and this is an interesting card. Like our main card this is about change after a completed cycle. When the Phoenix rises from the ashes of its previous self it hold the memories and lessons learned. we can do the same thing as we go through our day. We have experiences and connections we can call upon to help us. Don’t be afraid to rise!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Seven Day to help us. Seven is about knowledge and insight. We have skills and knowledge that we can tap into that will help us. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Today’s Crystals

Clear Quartz is the choice of the day. Clear Quartz is the master healer of the crystal kingdom. Some of its qualities are clearing negativity, bringing in light and strengthening our intuition, all things that will help us through our day.

Thank you BJ for todays guest reading!


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