Today’s Daily Draw

We are on the edge of something new today and we need to be brave. This isn’t to say that what we are all experiencing is going to be a bad or scary, it’s quite possibly something new to us. The cards that came up for us are a pair of Major Arcana cards, The World and Strength.

The World is the final card on the Fools Journey.  When it comes up in a reading it is to let us know we have reached a point of completion. We know that where there is an ending, a new beginning is also present. Perhaps we have successfully completed a project, a new opportunity has been presented, or we found the one perfect person for us. This card tells us we have everything we need and we are ready for that next big step, or leap, and good things are coming!

Change is not always easy though. The unknown can be quite scary, so we have Strength as our underlying energy to help us. It tells us we have within us all the bravery and strength we need, we just need to step into it and own our power. Go ahead, take a chance on your abilities and go for it! We might make mistakes but we can adjust and keep going!

Today’s Universal Number

How interesting that we have a Master Number, 33/6, on a day where we have two Major Arcana cards! 33/6 takes the qualities of the three and ups the ante, making it more creative, confident, expressive and joyful. Use this energy well!!

Today’s Crystals

When I was considering which of the many crystal options would be the best choice for today; I was looking at all the crystals around my office and I saw the Citrine. Yup, Citrine, thats the one! Because it is a member of the Quartz family is is a magnifier of energy and helps to transmute negative energy. It is a crystal that amplifies creative thinking, a positive attitude and is known as the Success Stone.

Have a great day ❤ Blessed Be ❤ Shay

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