Today’s Daily Draw

This may have been a confusing week so far but it looks as though our cards, the Three of Pentacles and Temperance are telling us we have things pretty much under control and are on track. The collaboration our main card is talking about may not necessarily be a physical team situation for all of us. Our bottom card, Temperance is suggesting that we are working to integrate what we have been through in the last few days. to understand the different ideas and perspectives that have been presented. By doing this we gain insight, balance and harmony in our lives.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is from the Three and it might seem a little out-of-place, but it is just what we need. Three is a creative number and one that lightens our mood and outlook on life. When we are working to incorporate new thoughts or beliefs into our lives we need that creative flow, so let it flow into your lives today.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Lapis Lazuli as the crystal to accompany our cards. In a group situation this is an excellent choice to encourage team work and open conversation, which is why I chose it. On a personal level it opens our Third Eye Chakra and helps us understand our purpose here more clearly. It also works with our Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras to find a place of balance.

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