The Weekend Ahead

Life can be a challenge sometimes can’t it? We have three Major Arcana cards and the Reversed Queen of Pentacles for the weekend ahead. It looks as if things are changing, and we could be feeling unprepared. Let’s take a look at our cards and see what they have to tell us.

Friday begins the weekend with The Hermit. This is one of my favorite cards, and perfect for today as it is the Dark Moon. When it comes up in a reading it is to say we are approaching, if not already at, a point of change in our lives. Because of this, The Hermit is wise enough to understand that we occasionally need time away from the noise of the world to reflect on where we are, what we have learned and what it means to us. Are our beliefs systems still valid , or is it time to let go of something that is no longer serves our highest good; what changes need to be made? Most of us can’t take a journey to some mountain cave or anything like that but we can find some time during the day to be alone with our thoughts.

Saturday gives us the Temperance card. Like The Hermit, it asks us to pause for a bit. This card is about balance and overcoming obstacles.  After yesterdays time of reflection we must find the meaning of our self discovery and incorporate any changes necessary into our lives.

Sunday rounds out the weekend with the Reversed World card. When upright this card tells us we have worked to reach a goal. The world is ours and we are set to take the next big leap. This is not the case for us today though, our card is reversed and we could be feeling stuck, unprepared or even afraid and overwhelmed of what is coming next. Perhaps we are not feeling ready because something has been left undone or unsaid and we need that closure before we can move on. There is nothing wrong with holding off for a bit to ask ourselves what it is that is holding us back. Do the work to clear the way and take baby steps if we must.

This brings us to the Bottom card and the underlying energy of our weekend. It comes to us from the Reversed Queen of Pentacles, and it tells us we have some work to do. Upright our Queen is all about nurturing others and taking care of the practical thins of life. In the reversed position those energies are focused on us. This is a weekend of self care, things are changing and we must be ready. This weekend is a time to ground ourselves, get our focus and priorities in order and find our balance so that we can face our new beginnings as ready as we can be!

Have a great weekend, Blessed Be ❤ Shay

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