Indigo Fluorite in the Morning Light

I’ve done crystal post about fluorite from an overall perspective and to be honest it doesn’t do this family of crystals justice, so I will have to go back and do more in depth posts about the beautiful fluorite crystals I have in my collection. The piece I have to discuss today is rare and fairly new to me as well as the metaphysical world so, not a great deal is known about it yet.  

We are talking about Indigo Fluorite, a beautiful combination of purple and blue fluorite found in Southern Africa. At this point I have read that it has been found in Namibia and on the island of Madagascar. Like others in the Fluorite family this resonates well with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras as well as the Throat Chakra, because of the blue characteristics of the crystal. On the Mohs scale it is a four.  

Some of the characteristics of this crystal are: 

  • Helps you find your souls purpose for this life. 
  • It is a very powerful Third Eye Activator. 
  • Clears your body and aura of negative attachments. 
  • Helps you break up and rid yourself of psychic implants. 
  • It opens your self-awareness. 
  • It increases your ability to process thoughts and memories into something that can be understood and used effectively. 
  • It highlights your spiritual gifts and helps you use them for the benefit of yourself and others. 

At this point you know what I am going to say, but it must be said: I am not a doctor and am in no way suggesting you leave the lovely allopathic medical system. I am only offering alternate possibilities for your health and well-being. 

Blessed Be ❤ Shay 

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