Today’s Daily Draw

The nines of the Tarot are positive cards. They tell keep going because we are almost there. Today though we have a pair of reversed nines, The Nine of Cups as our main card, and the Nine of Pentacles for our underlying energy. In this dual reverse position our main card is probably leaving us feeling a bit unsatisfied and not quite sure of what it is that we want. This is the suit of cups, whether it is a personal or work situation we are dealing with, chances are we have more than one direction we can go. Perhaps our origional plans fell through and we are left trying to put it back together. it could even be someone elses problem that has been dumped in our lap to fix. The bottom card is normally some kind of support for us; being reversed our lady in her garden is leaving us not quite prepared, and feeling like we’re missing something.

Don’t worry, or throw in the towel on the day. This situation, whatever it is for each of us, is completely salvagable. All we have to do is not give up, get a fresh perspective, what is it that we really need or want, and be willing to think outside the box. With focus and determination we can make it happen today!

Today’s Universal Number

Get ready. Today is a Five Day and we all know that means anything can happen. Don’t be locked into any plan because things could change quickly. Have a plan B, C and D just in case. Stay on the surf board and enjoy the ride.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Optical Calcite to accompany todays cards. The energy of this crystal give us clarity and helps us focus our energy on achieving our goal.

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