Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Cards, the Drum and Shaman are here to talk to us about finding our rhythm and flow today. The underlying energy of the Shaman tells us that true freedom comes from understanding and accepting who we are, while having the discipline to do what we can to move forward. Not just for us but also for the good of all. With this solid base to support us our main card Drum is guiding us to find our inner rhythm today and let it flow!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s  universal number is perfect, we have a Four Day. This energy is very organized and structured, and about building a solid foundation to support us, then building our future.

Today’s Crystal

We have Leopard Skin Jasper to accompany todays cards. The energy of this stone gives us the energy and the strength we need to accomplish our goal.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!


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