Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of Cups today that seem to be telling us we have a choice to make, and that choice may be to walk away. Our cards are the Four of Cups and the Eight of Cups. We know that the realm of Cups is about emotion, so we will need to be aware of our feelings.

Our main card is the Four of Cups. We see from the image on the card that there are three cups in front the young man, with a fourth on its way. He has a decision to make and when this card comes up it tells us to make a choice, get going and take a risk. We see he is sitting, arms and legs crossed, indicating he is not terribly excited about any of these options. What choices do we have to make today? How do we feel about them?

The underlying energy of the day comes from the Eight of Cups and this is a card that leads to change. If things are not what we expect or need as we go through our day, we can always choose to not make a choice and walk away. Step away from the situation. Take a look at the plans. Where are we in regard to where we thought we would be. Reevaluate, and ask if anything can be done to correct our position. remember that sometimes the best and only decision is to walk away.

Today’s Universal Number

It is interesting that we have a One Day today. This is a strong, bold energy. Take the lead, make sure you have all the details and do what must be done.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Amethyst and Rutilated Quartz to accompany today’s cards. Both are members of the large Quartz family and will clear negativity for us. In addition Amethyst will calm us and open our intuition to see what we might not have otherwise seen. Rutilated Quartz helps us make good decisions by helping us think clearly and get to the root of the situation.

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