Today’s Daily Draw

I was lead to use this Doreen Virtue deck for todays reading and it’s message is that we may have a relationship in some need of attention. Our bottom card is Relationships. When this card comes up it is telling us that there is someone else involved in the situation today. Whether it is a personal or professional issue we are going to have to make sure there is clear communication happening if a misunderstanding is going to be cleared up.

Our main card is Use Your Natural Healing Abilities. This card tells us that as children of God we all have natural healing ability, and we might want to tap into it today. Everyone wants to know that they are being understood. Apologize if we owe it. Listen to all sides of the issue without judgment or ridicule. If we are compassionate, understanding and willing to compromise, we should be able to set things right.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Two Day and this is perfect! The number two is a very nurturing and compassionate energy that focuses on cooperation, diplomacy and harmony. it is also a very intuitive number and this will help a great deal today.

Today’s Crystal

Larvakite is the crystal choice for the day. The energy of this crystal is protective, grounding and helps us be flexible so that we can make good decisions.

Thank you BJ for today’s Guest Reading!



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