The Weekend Ahead

It is looking as if this is not going to be a weekend to be rushing into anything. Let’s get into our cards and see what they have to say.

Friday starts us off with the High Priestess. She is here to tell us that we have all the knowledge we need, but to be patient. There are things going on behind the scenes that we are unaware. For right now we need to wait, reflect on what we want.  Be confident that when the time is right to make a move we will know.

Saturday brings us the Three of Wands. Whether or not this is a day for taking action we are looking to the future. This is a card of expansion and committment to a goal. It is a good day to set our goals and plan how we are going to achieve them.

Sunday we come to a speed bump and we need to slow down. Our card is the King of Pentacles Reversed; in this position we may be having second thoughts. We could be running the “What if” scenarios and wondering if we made a good choice. The message for us is to hang onto what we have, don’t make a move yet. This might be a good day to check and double-check the details.

This brings us to the weekends underlying energy and our Bottom card, which is the Knight of Pentacles. When we have more than one court card of the same suit in a reading the message is stronger. Our knight and his reversed King is telling us slow and steady is what we need this weekend. Be practical, take the time to consider what we want, what our truth is. Until we know the full scope of what is happening behind the scenes, our best course of action is to hang back, pay attention and get ready for whatever is coming.

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