Healing with Tarot

People have been looking for guidance in their lives for thousands of years. As a means to divine this we have developed different ways of seeking. There is Astrology, Numerology, Runes and the Tarot. All forms of have a dark cloud over them. Divination is considered evil by many people. For most, the Tarot is not much more than a parlor trick. There are people, of course, that use and other forms of divination in a negative way and this is where the dark connotation is made. The reality is, the Tarot is so much more than that.

Like all forms of divination, the Tarot can not tell the future. We have free will, because of this every decision we make alters our path to some degree. As a result what we see is a potential outcome based on whether anything is done to alter that potential path. More often than not people want to know about their future, relationships, and that is fine. The Tarot is also a wonderful tool for healing all aspects of our lives. The cards are full of information to help us. The colors, numbers, plants and animals all tell us something.

As an example of the potential for healing I did a reading for myself asking what area of my life needs healing right now, and pulled three cards showing me 1. What area of my life needs healing, 2. What I need to do, and 3. What the potential outcome may be.

  1. The High Priestess came up in the first position. She is the keeper of knowledge. The number of this card is a two, so it is about balance and making a decision. She tells me that there are things going on behind the scenes that I am unaware of. My best bet is to wait and listen to my intuition rather than take action. I was a little confused about this being something that needs healing, so I pulled another card to get more information. That card was the Seven of Wands. Seven is about knowledge, and wisdom. This card tells me I am in a good position but I am fighting against myself, over thinking things and basically blocking the very thing I want for myself. This is absolutely where I am right now in my life. I didn’t recognize that I was my own roadblock.
  2. What do I do about it? The card that came up was the Five of Cups. Five is about movement, and the image shows the destination is not far off. All the man in the image has to do is take the bridge to reach his goal, but he is focusing on the wrong things, and so am I! All I need to do is shift my perspective.
  3. What is the potential outcome? The Ten of Cups! This card is about fulfillment, promise and completion. The tens in the minor arcana are a transition point like the nine in numerology. If I heal this situation by following the advice of my reading I will achieve my goal and be able to move on to the next phase of my life.

This was a very accurate reading for myself, you can be sure that I will certainly be working on shifting my perspective!! I hope this gives you a look at what the Tarot can do to help us move forward in our lives, and maybe make you a little curious about how it can help you.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay


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