Today’s Daily Draw

Today is al about movement and owning our power. We have a pair of Major Arcana cards telling us to pay attention, there could very well be a big lesson to be learned today. Our cards are The Chariot and the Emperor, and they are here to let us know that we are more than capable of accomplishing anything we set our mind to today.

The Emperor as our bottom card tells us we have the authority and the discipline needed. Understand we already have the skills and strength. Our main card, The Chariot is letting us know it is time to move forward. Take control of the situation and be confident, get started and keep going!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Five Day, this energy is about movement, being flexible and able to shift our perspective as necessary. Pay attention and be ready!

Today’s Crystal

Dragon Blood Jasper is the crystal choice for today because it is all about owning your power and reaching you highest potential.

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