Today’s Daily Draw

Welcome to a new week, we may be beginning this one with an idea or a feeling we can’t seem to let go of. This underlying, grounding energy is from the Longing Card. This tells us that sometimes we feel a need for something so strongly that letting the idea of that thing go is too difficult, our minds and hearts are so focused on whatever it is that need or dream can become all-consuming. Perhaps today is the day to move toward making that desire a reality.
Our main card is Determination, and it is giving us the courage to take the steps. Whatever it is we can’t let go of, whether it’s a dream to travel, start a business, get a promotion, finally get back in shape, or ask someone out. Our card is telling us to focus and make it happen. If it is going to take time, find out what is involved in the process. Do the research. Be brave, be determined and make it happen!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Four Day and it is absolutely the perfect energy for the day! Four is a foundational number that encourages us to do what is necessary to ensure we have a strong base to build on, and that is just what we need today!

Today’s Crystal

Rose Quartz is the choice of the day. This crystal is about love and loving ourselves enough to follow our heart is not a bad thing at all.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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