The Weekend Ahead

How interesting, it is looking as if our Weekend Ahead might be full of promise that we might not see. The underlying energy of our weekend is the Eight of Swords, suggesting that we might be feeling trapped and may not have the clarity we need. let’s take a look at what the cards have for us.

Friday is here and the first card of the weekend is Justice. When this Major Arcana card comes up in a reading it tells us that truth never stays hidden and justice will always be done, that there must be a fair and equitable exchange in any transaction. This card challenges us to be fair and balanced in all our actions today. Weigh the pros and cons of what we’re working on, be clear about the details and make decisions based on the facts not our emotions. An alternate meaning is that if we are in some kind of legal battle or negotiations the outcome will go in our favor!

Saturday brings us another Major Arcana card, this one is The World. This card is here to let us know good things age coming. it’s a card of fulfillment, success, and achievement.The World card is the final in the major Arcana and as such a transition card. Something has been completed, a project perhaps and it is time to move to the next project or the next level. The World card tells us we have everything we need to take the next step. Travel is also an element of this card, so be prepared for that possibility.

Sunday winds up the weekend with the Knight of Wands. Our knight is a very goal oriented passionate guy. When he comes to a reading he is letting you know that it might be time to be fearless and go for it. Quick or unexpected decisions might be required today. don’t be afraid to take charge and make things happen. Our knight can sometimes make these decisions without thinking. He is a passionate guy and lets his emotions lead the way on occasion. Be sure to know all the facts before making any decision that may affect a project or any other important issue that we may be dealing with. This is also a card that can mean travel is coming. With two cards hinting about travel in the same reading, chances are something is coming. It may not be huge or to a fancy warm destination, but the possibility exists that we are going somewhere!

Now to our Bottom card the Eight of Swords. I mentioned earlier that our weekend read was full of promise, and it absolutely is. Things are looking up for us and we are at a point of transition. The thing is we might be so focused on past mistakes or lost in a limiting beliefs that we might not see the good right in front of us. This is what the Eight of Swords tells us. We certainly don’t want to make a move if we’re not feeling ready for it. We need to do our best to work through any negative energy, limiting beliefs and resolve issues holding us back. Ask questions, get the clarity we need about any potential projects or opportunities. Stay positive and keep an eye on the future not what is done and over with. The mistakes of our past do not define us. They are just lessons.


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