Donald Trump and his Numbers

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For those that have followed my blog for a while, you know that Numerology is one of my passions. Everything in the universe breaks down to the math, and from it, much can be learned about our lives and why we are here. While researching a couple of weeks ago I happened upon Donald Trumps full name and birthdate. This was way too intriguing an opportunity to pass up, so I ran his numbers!! I am experienced in two forms of Numerology. Pythagorean and the Kabbalah. I did a chart with each and the information gained is fascinating!!

I didn’t do a full Pythagorean chart, the advanced information from a full reading, in most cases, is too much to wrap your head around, but if a client asks, I will certainly include it. My basic reading includes the four sections that give you everything you need to know about why you came to this life. These include your Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, and the Inclusion Table. I find the Kabbalah Numerology very interesting. It gives an overview of this life and I find it to be incredibly accurate.

Pythagorean Chart

Life Path: This number tells us the nature of this life’s journey, and our birthdate gives us this direction. For our President this is a Master Number, 22/4. I was not at all a surprised. In this form of numerology all numbers are reduced to a single digit unless it is a Master Number. In this case both are displayed. 22/4 is known as the Master builder. This is the most powerful of the Master Numbers. Not everyone can live to the high vibration and fall back to the 4. It’s still a foundational number but one who doesn’t work to achieve their full potential, will most likely not achieve everything they came here to do.

Some of the characteristics of this number are, an incredible confidence level, intelligence, and being very goal oriented. In the positive aspect they simply are not willing to quit. The master builders are here to tear down the old paradigm so that positive changes can be made to replace the old system that no longer works.

This person will speak their mind without mincing words. You’ll get the unbridled truth, like it or not. If you don’t like it, that is your problem not theirs. They have little patience for people less intelligent, and that can make them assholes on occasion. With the willingness to do the work the Master Number 22/4 can and will achieve big things. This is certainly Donald Trump!

Expression: This number comes from the full name at birth. The Expression tells us what skills and abilities we brought to this lifetime to help us achieve our purpose here.

For Donald Trump this is a 5 but it comes by way of the number 14, which is one of the four karmic debt numbers. Having karma to work out is nothing unusual. We all generate karma and it should not be feared. We all take turns being the bad guy. For the 14 energy, chances are in a previous life he experienced a severely structured environment. As a result, he rebelled and this caused some amount of harm.

With a 5 Expression, President Trump is multi-talented, much more than he appears on the surface. Chances are he has several alternate possibilities in a que giving him the ability to adjust his plans quickly, keeping him ahead of the game. This number likes freedom and variety. They like going places and doing new thing. They are also very good at presenting ideas and making things happen.

Soul Urge: This number is found by the vowels in your name and is exactly what the name says. Your Soul Urge, what you want at the deepest part of who you are. President Trumps Soul Urge is 7, and again this didn’t surprise me at all. Seven is the number of insight and wisdom. A 7 in this area tells me there is more to this man than the public sees.  He is more than likely conservative, intelligent, he probably likes to read, and he is good at analyzing.

Inclusion Table: This is one of my favorite parts of a chart. So much so, that I generally do this first. The Inclusion Table is constructed  from your full name at birth, and tells you everything you have learned across your lifetimes. It shows, what you have learned, those things you don’t have a full handle on yet and the areas you have not had an opportunity to learn at all. These are called Karmic Lessons.

I have to say President Trumps inclusion table was amazing. It is nearly perfect, and that rarely happens! Here is the breakdown of his chart. The number in the () tells what is considered average. The number next to it is what Mr. Trump has learned in that category.

1(3) 2 The number one teaches is to be self-sufficient, independent, and to take a thought or idea and see it through to its conclusion. It is bold, independent and arrogant to a degree. President Trump has 2. this tells me he is more than capable of taking care of himself, originating ideas and seeing them through.

2: (1) 1 The number two teaches us to get along with others. It teaches tact, diplomacy and cooperation. President Trump is balanced in this number.

3: (2) 2 Three teaches us to think and express ourselves creatively. This is also a number that gives us self-confidence. He is balanced in this number.

4: (1) 3 Four is the number of structure, order, common sense, and the ability to concentrate on a task until it is complete. Having more than the average tells me that he is a highly organized and structured man. He knows the value of hard work and is not afraid to do it. He holds himself to a high standard and everyone else too.

5: (4) 2 Five teaches us to accept change, to engage with people, to have fun and go with the flow. I found this interesting. Although the average number of fives is four, here in America it is not uncommon to have more than four in a name. We like change, doing new things and having fun. I have found that when there is fewer than the normal number in any category, the client is learning that lesson in his or her lifetime and he is with his in the Expression.

6: (2) 2 This is a relationship number that teaches us to protect and care for the people in our lives as well as our community. President Trump is balanced here.

7: (1) 1 This number teaches us to think critically, to analyze, investigate and learn. Again, he is balanced.

8: (1) 1 Eight teaches us to be self-sufficient, to handle our affairs well, to lead and direct ourselves and others, and President Trump is balanced here as well.

9: (3) 1 This number teaches compassion, brotherhood, tolerance and the ability to see the big picture. It is also a number he has not fully learned, but is working on in this lifetime. With fewer than the normal number of 9s he may not be very accepting of people who are different from himself and he may not be very patient. Fortunately, he is balanced in his 6, so that helps.

I have to mention again that it is not at all common to have such a balanced Inclusion Table. This is pretty impressive.


The Kabbalah uses just the name at birth to reach the Life Number. It is a fidley process, and I generally don’t like fidley, but the result is on point, so I work through the process.

Donald Trumps Life Number is 1, 077. The Kabbalah breaks the result down by thousands, hundreds and single digits, like I said, fidley!!! Each level has its meaning.

1000 tell me that President Trump is working to learn the lessons he came to experience this lifetime, to learn and advance his spiritual growth.

70 tells me that he will have great success after a struggle, and he has, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit!

means he will excel at whatever he puts his mind to, achieve success and financial gains in his life.

I thought this was fascinating. It gave me a whole different perspective of President Trump. I hope you found it interesting as well.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay


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