Today’s Daily Draw

We’re starting out our new week on a high but to us it may not feel like it. Our main card is the Six of Wands, and our bottom card is the Five of Pentacles. The six tells us we have worked hard to reach some kind of goal. We may get some recognition for our achievement, even if it’s a pat on the back and a good job from a supervisor.

The thing is our bottom card, the Five of Pentacles, is about a feeling of loss, difficulties and our ability to move forward in spite of them. Perhaps we are not seeing what we have accomplished as something to be celebrated. It could be that we see what could have done better, or more that might have been done. Maybe this win has come at much to high cost.

While there is nothing wrong with not feeling like celebrating, keep in mind that the effort is not going unnoticed or appreciated. Accept the pat on the back and talk to someone about the situation and how we feel. Maybe something can be done to correct what we see as a loss.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a very high energy day to give us a hand. This is a 33/6 day, and a very creative, imaginative energy to help us work through the day.

Today’s Crystal

Carnelian is the choice for the day and a perfect one too. Carnelian is the stone of courage and bravery. That might seem odd with todays cards, but carnelian works with the Solar Plexus Chakra, our passion center, help us figure out a solution to todays issues.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!


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