The Weekend Ahead

This Weekends cards are pretty interesting. We have a pair of Aces and a pair of Wands telling us to both play it safe and make our plans. Let’s have a look.

Friday starts the weekend off with the Ace of Pentacles reversed. Upright this is, like all the Aces, is representative of something new, and being the suit of pentacles, of great value to us. Perhaps a new job, a new home, or a successful venture of some kind. In the reversed position, this can mean being careless, greedy or reckless. When looking at this card in relation to the others in this weekends reading, I am getting that perhaps it’s time to stop playing it safe in our lovely little garden. This is not saying do something totally foolish or risk the loss of everything.  It is a three day for us, and perhaps time to let go of what doesn’t serve, get creative, and step out of our comfort zone. What is it that really gets our hearts pumping? What do we want our future to look like; and I am being led to ask, who do we want to spend it with? Hmm, food for thought!

Saturday gives us the first of our Wands, and it’s the Three of Wands. This is a card of new opportunity, looking forward to the future, and commitment to a goal. What our Three of Wands is here to tell us is, perhaps whatever revelation we may have had yesterday is something we should take seriously. It is time to look for a better job, go back to school, is our relationship long over and we’re just not letting go, do we need to take our health more serious or would we like to strike out on our own and start a business? Our card tells us that if we want our ship to come in we have to do the work and plan for the future. Be practical, do the research, take advantage of any resources available and work out a strategy, form a good solid plan.  This is a four day and the perfect energy for laying a good foundation to build on.

Sunday has arrived and we have our second Ace, the Ace of Swords. This is the realm of thoughts, ideas and belief systems, it’s where dreams are born. When this card comes up there is a possibility of some kind of breakthrough. Being a five day we have to keep in mind that swords can cut both ways, so there is a possibility that something no longer serving our highest good could be cut away. It might be painful, but in the long-term, better for us. Upright, the aces are generally a green light so it is a good time to step outside our comfort zone. Look at the possibilities from a different perspectives. We need to be thinking with our head, not our heart today. Consider both the positive and negative aspects of any potential move that we might be taking.

Our Bottom card is the second half of our pair of Wands and it is, believe it or not, the Two of Wands. This is a card that talks about opportunities and growth, which means the underlying energy of our weekend is about looking forward. Our hero is standing on a balcony overlooking the harbor dreaming of his future. He has his hand loosely holding onto one of the wands, telling us he has an idea he is working on. In his other hand he holds a globe, which tells us his dreams are big.

So, what does all this mean for our weekend? Our cards tell us that it is the perfect time for something new. Whether it is an unplanned weekend away, or something bigger and more life changing like a move, a new job or a new relationship. Whatever it is for each of us, we must not go into any venture without planning well first. We are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde so planning and communicating will be important moving forward with anything new no matter how excited we are about it. Plan, Plan, Plan! Consider all the potential things that may go wrong and consider them. Get advice, consider the cost of time and resources. Above all, don’t let the negative aspects stop you. If it’s the future you see yourself living, do the work and go for it!!!

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