Out of Focus

Nothing in this physical reality is lasting. It’s an illusion designed to be, not just a beautiful temporary home, but a catalyst for growth and healing. Had everything gone as Papa originally planned, that first paradise would have been enough, but we thought we could handle this experience on our own and asked for free will. We know how well that turned out!! This leaves us living a series of lifetimes trying to find our way back to the connection we had to our Father and learn what we came here to learn.

The problem is without a strong connection to our Father we are left believing that the illusion we are living is real, that this is all there is and it matters somehow. The reality is, it doesn’t. All the stuff we acquire, homes, cars, money, status don’t mean a thing. We can’t take them home with us. So wy do we think they matter? In the end the only things that matter are the relationships we build, the lessons we have learned and how much we loved.

The flip side of that coin is that our Father wants us to have a good life while we are here. It all boils down to our focus, our ability to maintain a balance between the physical reality we live and the spiritual path we came here to travel. On the surface it seems easy, but we thought that before and look what we’ve made of the world. We created religion, money, war, politics, death, anger, jealousy, judgment, fear, bitterness and a host of other not so wonderful things.

It is easy to get lost in this reality isn’t it? To play the roles and believe that having money and status and the lifestyle that goes with is important. We made the choice to do this without our father and here we are several thousand years later trying to fill the space inside us where he used to reside with anything that feels good. Be it drugs, alcohol, money, sex, or a combination of several of these things. Fortunately, Papa Loves us enough to give us time to wake up, and that is when the real work begins to bring our body, mind and spirit back into union.

It’s not easy. The healing process takes time, discipline and commitment. We were never promised easy. What we were promised is we would never take the journey alone.

Blessed Be ❤ Shay

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