The Weekend Ahead

This weekend could start out as a challenge for us but then settle into a nice one. We have the underlying energy of the Six of Cups reminding us of tradition, and good times spent with people we care about, so let’s take a look at what the Weekend Ahead may have for us.

Friday begins with the Ten of Wands. This is a card of both carrying burdens and accomplishment. We see our hero attempting to get his harvest to market. The problem is it’s weighing on him so much that he can’t see where he is going, but he isn’t going to let it stop him. We might be feeling a little over whelmed by either the amount of things we need to get done today or the responsibilities thrust upon us. What ever is going on, know that it might seem impossible but we got this!

Saturday gives us the Nine of Pentacles, and like the lady on our card, we have worked hard and earned a day of rest, relaxation and pampering. This is a day to celebrate how much we have accomplished. It’s a day of self love and we deserve it.

Sunday winds out our weekend with the Two of Cups. Being upright this is a very positive card pointing to balanced and equal partnerships. These partnerships could be business related or personal. Perhaps we will have a new level of understand for a situation or a person we have previously had an issue with. We could begin a conversation about forming a partnership for a new business, or maybe someone is soon to be engaged!!

This brings us to our Bottom card and the Six of Cups. There is nothing more important that the people in our lives. Our bottom card reminds us that we do what we do everyday for those we care about. We work hard even though it might seem burdensome to give ourselves and those we love the best lives we can.


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