Today’s Daily Draw

Every now and then we have a day that feels like we’re getting the crap beat out of us. Welcome to Monday! Our main card is the Nine of Wands, and our bottom card is the Three of Cups reversed.

Wands are the fire that drive our lives. Sometimes this fire is constructive ideas that bring creation, and others it is not. Whatever we are up against today whether it is work or personal problems, feeling betrayed, or one of the days where everything is going wrong; know that things will be alright.

The reason for our challenges could be the underlying energy of our bottom card, the Three of Cups reversed. In this position it can mean that maybe we over celebrated a bit too much yesterday, This can sometimes leave us feeling a little beat up. A more likely reason is in another meaning of the reversed position, and that is perhaps we are feeling as if our creativity is being held back, maybe we’re feeling betrayed or we just need to go it alone today.

Whatever it is we are going through during our individual days; keep in mind the message of our main card is to stand your ground. This is a card of courage and persistence. In the Tarot, nine tells us we are almost there. No matter what we can have hope in the face of difficulties. Keep going. There is a solution for what we are battling today, and if we keep fighting we’ll get through it!

Today’s Universal Number

This is a One Day; a very bold, strong energy. It is an energy that is determined to achieve, it’s the power that drives us just as the suit of Wands is the fire that drives us.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Rose Quartz for today because we could use the Loving Energy on a day that leaves us feeling battered and bruised.

Thank you BJ for today’s Guest Reading!


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