Today’s Daily Draw

Things could be a little confused today. We have a pair of Pages, one reversed and one upright. In the Tarot, Pages act kind of like Aces in that they bring ideas and potential new beginnings. Todays Tarot story begins with our underlying energy, the Page of Pentacles. He, or she, is going to have us feeling very ambitious and ready to get things done. That is pretty awesome! The problem is our main card, the Page of Swords is reversed. That is not so awesome. In the reversed position it can find us feeling frustrated, doubtful and like people aren’t telling us the whole truth.

This doesn’t mean our day is a potential bust. We simply have to take a step back and figure out what is happening. Moving forward with anything when we aren’t perfectly clear about the details doesn’t make any kind of sense. So, if something doesn’t seem quite right, whether it’s a work or personal situation, let’s not be in a rush. Take the time to get the bigger picture, double-check the facts and the details. When we have a comfortable understanding of what’s going on, we can let lose with our bottom card and get busy!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Four Day and we are making decisions and getting organized. Four is the number of structure and organization. It’s building a solid foundation. These energies are just what we need to figure things out and get building on a good solid foundation.

Today’s Crystals

My goodness I had the hardest time deciding what crystal to use today. It shouldn’t be such a hard decision but it is when there are so many possibilities. I decided to go to my favorites list and I chose Amethyst and Clear Quartz.Quartz is always a good choice for anything because it does so much for us. It helps us get rid of negative energy, brings in light, it amps up our intuition, and it’s an amplifier. So it will absolutely give us the help we need today!

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