The 21st of every month is a day set apart to do what we can to spread the truth that Prince Rogers Nelson was Murdered. That day is today, and it’s called JusticeDay. There was a conspiracy within his inner circle to poison Prince. It started in the fall of 2014 with arsenic in his food. In April of 2016 he decided to go to the doctor because he had begun to put two and two together and figured out he was probably being poisoned. At this appointment he did get validation that there was heavy metals in his blood. Arrangements were made to have Dr. Schulenburg come to Paisley Park and get a sample of his food for testing the next day.

When he got back to Paisley Park later that evening he was so upset that he sent everyone home and asked one of his chefs, Ray Roberts to make him a drink of Lemon water sweetened with Pineapple. He took a large glass of this juice to his room around 10pm where he did some writing and made a couple of telephone calls. He was dead by 12:30am April 21, 2016. Prince had not eaten in about 10 hours. There was no food found in his stomach and no pills. The drug cocktail that killed him was in the juice.

There were three drugs in the juice. Here is an over view of what was used and the quantities involved:

  • Lidocaine is an anesthetic. When used in liquid form it begins working within four minutes and the effects last up to three hours, the maximum dose is 300mg. Lidocaine causes sleepiness, muscle twitching, confusion, tissue numbing, low blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.  
  • U47700 is an opioid drug seven to eight times more powerful than Morphine, and was made by the Upjohn company in the 1970’s but never put on the market. Because this drug was never approved by the FDA there is no dosage amount known to kill, however the first recorded death by U47700 was a young man in France. He had mixed the U47700 power with water, put it in a small spray bottle and took it like a nasal decongestants. The autopsy showed his blood and urine level was 380 and 10, 400 ng/mL. A nanogram is 1Billionth of a gram. 380ng is equal to 0.00038mg, a very, very small dose! In liquid form this is equivalent to 1/30 of an ounce. This drug is known to severely slow respiration and blood pressure. The Lidocaine and U47700 were meant to numb Prince so that he wouldn’t notice he had been dosed too quickly and call for help. 
  • Now to the Fentanyl. The whole world knows that this is what killed Prince. What the world doesn’t fully understand is just how much he had in his body. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid 100 times more powerful than Morphine. It is normally administered in patch form but when given as a liquid, the dosage would be very small. Two to three milligrams are all it would take to kill. To work with it requires hazmat gear. Fentanyl causes extreme sleepiness, loss of consciousness then extremely slow heart rate, breathing followed by death. Prince had 14,000mg in his gastric system, 435mg in his liver and 67.8mg in his blood. The total amount of Fentanyl in his system was 14,502.80 milligrams! Overkill, ABSOLUTELY!!!!! People have been told that he took the Fentanyl in pill form but that is not physically possible. First, the drug works too quickly and Second, that much Fentanyl is equivalent to 7,777 pills. There were no pills found in his gastric system as well as no food. The drugs had to be taken in liquid form.

No human being could swallow that many Fentanyl, Lidocaine and U47700 pills. It was MURDER!! Seven people are directly involved. We won’t stop until the truth is made public.

#Justice4Prince   www.justice4prince.com


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