Wolf Moon

The first full moon of the year is called a Wolf Moon. For us, that event is coming up in just a couple of days, on the 21st and it is going to be quite spectacular for those that can see the moon that night. This full moon is called a Super Blood Wolf Moon. Doesn’t that sound amazing? What it means is that this full moon is a Super Moon. They are kind of special because three or four times a year the moon reaches its closest point to the earth and the moon appears larger. During a lunar eclipse, the shadow cast on the moon makes it red; a Blood Moon. This particular total Lunar eclipse is the last one for a while. The next will not be until May of 2021. 

The eclipse will happen as the 20th becomes the 21st. The whole event will last about three hours, and will begin around 9:30 ET but the actual eclipse will begin at 11:41 ET and last approximately an hour. Now the question, who will be able to see this event if our January weather permits? We Will!!!! The eclipse will be visible in the Americas, Iceland, Greenland and Western Europe. For those in England, Ireland and Western Europe, you will have to check to see when the viewing times are for you.    

To have a full lunar eclipse on the night of a super moon is quite an exciting event to be able to see, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to move forward. Both are transformative. The moon phase from full to dark encourages us to let go of thoughts, behaviors, people and drama that are no longer part of who we are and where we are going. If it doesn’t help you grow, we have to let it go.  

Eclipse energy is about reflection. An eclipse will go deep and bring up low energy emotion, negative energy in order to heal and release it to open up change and bring a new beginning. Because we have a full lunar eclipse and a super moon the combined energy is incredibly powerful.  

Use the energy to look at where you can step up and make changes to improve your life. Be brave, take a risk. Face your fears and grow! 


Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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