The Weekend Ahead

It’s looking like this weekend is going to be focused on how we are interacting with those we love. We have a lot of Cups in this reading. Things could get emotional! Our underlying energy is coming from the Ten of Cups. The Ten of Cups is a stage card and being the underlying energy of the weekend, hints that perhaps things are not a rosy as they seem, but we will come back to this later. Let’s take a look at what the weekend has for us.

Friday begins with the Ace of Cups. The Aces are about new beginnings and potential. With this Ace perhaps it is time for a fresh start. This is a new year after all and maybe our new start means it’s time to love ourselves more and let go of the emotional baggage holding us back. Be open and honest about our feelings with ourselves and those we care about.

Saturday This could be a tricky day. We have the Five of Swords again. Yesterdays issue might be carrying over into today, or we might have a whole new conflict on our hands. The question we have to ask is, is it really so important to be right? Is it really so important to win?

Sunday rounds out the weekend with the Four of Cups. We could be feeling discouraged. Perhaps things have not gone the way we anticipated this weekend and we’re a little pouty and unmotivated because of it. We know that this kind of behavior isn’t gong to work so we will need to check ourselves and ask a hard question. What were, or are our true motives in the situation? Are we upset because we didn’t get our way, or because someone didn’t agree with us? The four of Cups tells us the solution is right in front of us. We just have to see it. Holding a grudge won’t help anything. Be more flexible, love and forgive.

Bottom We are back to our Bottom Card. The tens of the Tarot are cards of fulfillment and completion. They are also cards that demand something change. From this point we must take that next step, to learn, grow and move forward. If our weekend has been an emotional roller coaster we are in the perfect place to make some changes in how we interact with those close to us. Whether we are blood family or family by choice, no two people are exactly alike. People will not always agree, believe what we do or respond the way we might expect them to. We must love and accept them for who they are not for who we want them to be. So, apologize, forgive, and choose to be happy.


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