My Turn

For those of you that visit my blog on a regular basis you know that I frequently talk about healing, learning our lessons and becoming the people we came to this lifetime to be.  

To be truly healthy, healing needs to happen on three levels, emotional, physical and spiritual. When one aspect of who we are becomes unbalanced, we lose our alignment and some kind of illness or dis-ease occurs. All illness and dis-ease are based in our emotions. Yes, thoughts become things, but it’s the emotion tied to that thought that brings the good or bad manifestation. It is the deeply buried emotion and negative beliefs systems that sit and fester in us that eventually causes illness on some level. Clearing and healing these negative emotions allows the body to begin the healing process.

To be physically and spiritually healthy we need to be emotionally healthy first. So, how does that happen? We must be willing to do the work to clear and heal all lower, negative emotion and belief systems. Those negative emotions like jealousy, comparison, shame, blame, judgment, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, hate need to be cleared and healed. Negative belief systems like not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough. We’ve all heard one or more these at some point. The “you’ll never” are just as damaging, and must be cleared.  

I titled this article My Turn because I have been working to clear and heal for a couple of years. I’ve come quite far from where I started, and this year is My Turn to fully heal. My issues are wrapped up in my lower Chakras. I am dealing with shame, blame and self judgment. These issues are manifesting in my lower spine and my knees. Spiritually this tells me I’m not feeling fully supported, self-confident. I feel not good enough. Logically I know this is not true, but this is deep. From what I’ve been told this is emotion brought in from a previous life time so that I can clear and heal it, and I intend to! 

I am 60 years old, half way through my time here. Yes, I intend to live to be at least 120, longer if possible! Growing older doesn’t mean becoming weak. It doesn’t mean we need to have medical issues. It’s simply growing older. I want the last half of my life to be vibrant, active full of adventure and opportunity to help other people heal and do the same. It’s not easy though, healing requires being open to feel the pain. If we can’t feel it, we can’t won’t fully heal it.  

2019 is my year to become fully me!  

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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