A General Look Ahead

I did a live feed from my Element Facebook page on New years Eve. During this event I did Tarot Readings for people interested in a look ahead at how 2019 might play out for them. I thought it might be fun to do something similar, a general, universal reading for everyone; much like I do with the Today’s Daily Draw post.

The spread I used is one I created myself. I’m not quite sure if this is the final version of it, I might do some more tinkering… but I have time to get that done before the next New Year comes around! The cards are laid out this way:

The placements tell us the following 1. The major lesson learned last year.
2. This years lesson.
3. Potential obstacles we may have to overcome.
4. What will help us.
5. Advice.
6. Guidance based on last years experience.
7. The underlying theme of the year ahead.

You can see the central column give us the meat of the reading and the outside cards are support. So, what does this mean for us? Lets find out.

  1. The Two of Cups  The lesson we learned is that two, or more, can be better than one. We may have made new friends, became engaged or got married, entered into or began a business venture with someone, or perhaps we were made a part of a project team at work. The important thing is we learned we don’t always have to do things alone.
  2. Justice  We have three Major Arcana cards in our reading. Remember that the Major Arcana teach us the big life lessons, so they are important to take note of. This is the first and it tells us that the truth will be revealed and justice done this year! Nothing hidden stays hidden forever. Universally a big truth is going to come out, and it will change everything. On a personal level any legal issues we may have will be determined in our favor, if we are being truthful.
  3. Three of Swords  is one heck of an obstacle, isn’t it? No year is ever complete without some kind of heartbreak. Whether it is a relationship gone bad, or the death of a loved one. Remember though, that pain makes us stronger. What we will need to do is find the meaning, and look to the future.
  4. Five of Pentacles  This is not what you would expect as a card of support, but what the Five of Pentacles tells us is, at our lowest we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by not giving up. Just keep going. Learn the lesson, heal the wounds and keep going. The future is what we make it, so we might as well work hard and make it amazing.
  5. The Hermit  is another Major Arcana card. It gives us advice, and what he suggests is taking time when we need to regroup. Take a step back to consider what is going on. To find the truth of a situation or our own personal truth. Without that time alone we may get misdirected or off track entirely. If we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, step back for a while and think.
  6. Eight of Wands  is our guidance, and it tells us that some important news could be coming that will create a sudden change, giving us the green light to move ahead. There will be nothing standing in our way. Make the most of it!
  7. The Moon  is our final card and a Major Arcana card. This position gives us a look at the energy we will be working with all year. It’s an interesting card. I feel it ties in with our second card. The Moon deals with illusion and fantasy. It illuminates the darkness and bring light to hidden things. Powerful forces are at work.The message is gives us is to face our fears. That is how we overcome them. What was kept in the dark is about to be made light.

I found this to be an interesting reading. I hope you did as well. Get ready, there are some big changes coming. Be honest, be brave and when the time is right, make your move!!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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