Black Onyx in The Morning Light

Black Onyx is a beautiful part of the family of crystals that belong to the Chalcedony clan which are, in turn, part of the larger Quartz tribe. Onyx as a whole can be found in several colors, brown, red, grey, and black. It can be found in translucent or opaque stones. Onyx usually has shades of light and dark color with white banding. Because of its banding, onyx can be mistaken for Agate, which is also a type of Chalcedony. The difference between the two is in the way they are banded. Agate have curved bands and Onyx has flat banding. 

We are specifically talking about Black Onyx today. If not dyed, it has layers of black, grey and white. It can be found in several countries but two of the best sources are said to be India, and South America. The Mohs scale shows it in at a strong 6 to 7. 

Black Onyx has several wonderful energetic qualities. It is calming, protective and grounding. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive energy. This helps us raise our vibration. Some of the other ways this stone can help us is: 

  • Helps us let go of old unhealthy relationships. 
  • Helps us deal with and heal buried grief 
  • Helps us build emotional and physical strength 
  • Helps absorb and transform negative energy 
  • Helps us build self discipline 
  • Helps us make better decisions for our lives 
  • Helps us overcome addictive behaviors 
  • Helps us focus 
  • Helps heart and Kidney function 

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at Black Onyx and how it can enhance your life. If you feel inspired, seek out a piece and work with its energy and see how it feels. Keep in mind I am not a doctor nor will I ever suggest you leave allopathic medicine. I will only suggest options to enhance your life and spiritual growth. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 


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