A Crow and A Pear

Some of you might know that I love crows. I was resale shopping with my son recently and found this cool piece of folk art, I had to have it. After a few days I couldn’t help but wonder what the significance a crow sitting on a pear meant. If this was a Partridge and a Pear, the meaning would be obvious. The Partridge is a symbol of the Sacred Masculine and the Pear is symbolic of the sacred Feminine. In the Christian faith there is a different meaning to the pear and there is a song, but what is a crow with a pear mean? Knowing that nothing is random and everything means something, I decided to give it some thought and see if I could find any historical instances of the two being used together.  

As a group Crows have a bad reputation. They are thought of as some kind of portent of evil. I suppose the fact that a group of crows flying together is called a Murder has something to do with it, but it’s simply not the case. They are very intelligent, family oriented birds. The Crow mates for life and lives as a multi-generational family unit. The young are not fully mature or ready to find a mate for several years, and will stay with their parents to help nurture their younger siblings until they are ready to form their own family unit. They mourn the loss of one of their own, and use it as a teaching moment for the young. They have long memories, and share experiences between family groups. The crow will also remember if you are kind or mean to them! 

Spiritually the crow is a messenger of transformation. If you see a crow during your day, in your sleep or meditation time, it’s a good idea to pay attention. To see one means a new phase in your life is beginning. Focus on seeing your life with more clarity. Be honest with yourself about where change needs to happen.  

The Crow tells us that change has no boundaries in time, that life is full of magic and mystery. They teach us to be fearless and see life from every perspective. They tell us to stay curious and always learning. 

To some cultures the Pear tree is the tree of life. Other fruit bearing trees, like the Apple, may live longer in the wild, but it is the pear that symbolizes the sacred feminine. It is a sign of fertility and considered to bring prosperity, good health, happiness, and abundance. to the Chinese the pear is about immortality. 

So, when we see a Crow sitting on a Pear it reminds us that life is magickal, sweet and full of abundance. The Crow tells us the only barriers that exist are the ones we place in our own way. Life can be everything we want it to be. Transformation is just a decision away.  Be alert and watch for new opportunities. Change is coming, be ready.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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