Rally Update

October’s Justice Rally went well. I believe we accomplished some good things, but the fight is not over and we are not willing to give up until the truth comes to light. We had a great group of people focused on spreading the truth. It was nice to finally meet these lovely souls. Prior to Princes murder we did not know each other, but it felt like we’ve known each other forever.

While in Minnesota we spent time spreading the truth by protesting. We went to Paisley Park, the Carver County Sheriff’s office, the Governor’s office at the Capitol and the FBI. Going to the FBI was a trip!

We know the who, what, where, when, why and how of Princes murder because he told us and that is a rock that we will stand on. #Justice4Prince will come! As confident as we all are in what we accomplished, some questions remain in my mind.

First and foremost, is why was Paisley Park not treated like a crime scene? I get that everyone considered his passing a suicide, but prior to that incorrect determination this was in fact a crime scene. Why were people allowed full access? To come and go, to take things from the building as they pleased? Why were two people allowed to spend the night of April 21,2016 in the building? That puts everything found in the days going forward into question. Were the drugs found all around the building planted? Absolutely!!

It seems to me that the people investigating would want a tighter rein on the site and any potential evidence. Speaking of evidence, why were key pieces not taken till days later? Prince was in his room working on his laptop and making phone calls. He had a glass of Lemon Pineapple juice with him made by Ray Roberts. Days later, when it occurred to the investigators that they had not taken his laptop into evidence. It wasn’t found in the bedroom where he had left it. I was moved to, locked in his office. The contents of had been wiped clean. Any and all information that existed on it had been lost. Now wasn’t that convenient? Who tampered with the scene? Apparently, the contents of the juice glass was not tested at all. Why not? The kill drugs were in the juice! Another big question is why the people who know what happened are not coming forward? What or who are they afraid of? I know exactly who, but the truth is the truth. Speak it!!

Another curiosity is why did the lead investigator retire in the middle of the biggest case of his career? He made a speech and said the truth would be found, no stone left unturned. It appears many stones were not turned over. Many questions not asked and facts overlooked.

Perhaps some of my questions have been answered and are lost to me because I don’t watch television or read the papers. I tried reading the police reports but I just couldn’t. From what I understand they aren’t even available to the public anymore. Now isn’t that interesting!?

So many questions left unanswered by an investigation sorely lacking in direction. Can we even call this an investigation? Seems more accurate to call it a colossal cover up.

If you would like to know more about Princes Murder feel free to ask or go to

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