Rhodchrosite in The Morning Light

Rhodochrosite is a Manganese based crystal often found with silver. It can be found in a range from clear crystals to opaque pink and white banded pieces. The most common color found is a pink to red color. My research into this crystal found that Rhodochrosite can also be found in other colors such as yellow and brown, although I have never seen examples of this shade. The color differences must have something to do with the oxidation of the manganese, but I am not a geologist so that is my non-scientific explanation.  

The way it forms is very interesting. Manganese gets into water and dissolves and drips from cave ceilings to form stalactites. The first use of this crystal can be traced back to the thirteenth century and Inca Empire of South America. They discovered the crystal in their silver mines and considered it to be the blood of their ancient kings and queens; they named it Inca Rose. As the Incan empire came to a close the silver mines went dormant for a couple hundred years. In 1937 a German Geologist working in Argentina named Franz Mansfield rediscovered the mines and the crystal.  

Argentine Rhodochrosite is considered the best but it can also be found in a few other countries such as Peru, Canada and the US.  On the Mohs scale this is a soft stone, registering 3.5 – 4 making it very workable for jewelry and other decorative items.  

Being pink this is very much a Heart Chakra crystal all about unconditional Love, and compassion. Not just for ourselves but for everyone. It helps us heal old, deep wounds and to recover from emotional trauma. Being a Heart Chakra stone, it has a calming energy that will reduce stress. Some other characteristics of Rhodochrosite are: 

  • It will the confidence and strength during life’s changes so we can move through them. 
  • It helps clear psychic debris from our aura.  
  • When connected to the Sacral Chakra it’s energy will give us the push we need to pursue those things we are passionate about. 
  • It helps us take a chance on love after a heartache. 
  • In meditation it helps us reach higher levels of consciousness. 
  • It supports heart function and a healthy flow of blood. 
  • It helps lower blood pressure. 
  • It helps us balance extreme emotion. 

I hope you find this crystal as interesting and useful as I do. I invite you to get a piece and experience its Loving energy. To me it feels very much like the strong yet gentle energy of Moonstone.  

At this point I must give you my disclaimer. You know the one. I am not a doctor nor am I suggesting you leave allopathic medicine and all its wonders. I am only suggesting alternatives to improve your physical and spiritual well being. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 


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