Making Assumptions

The dictionary defines the word Assumption as accepting something as true without proof. It is not at all uncommon to make assumptions, we do it every day. Young children, when offered a food they’ve never tried sometimes decline because they don’t like it. We perhaps avoid seeing a movie because we heard from someone who it wasn’t good, or avoid a co-worker because of something we were told. 

What is it that causes us to make assumptions? What causes people to believe something and continue that belief without taking the time to form their own opinion? To look at a homeless person or someone on food stamps and see them as lazy or less than, to view someone’s cultural beliefs as pagan or foolish, or to value someone less because of skin color or their sex? The opinion of one person or a small group of people can do so much damage when they have people to blindly follow. WWII, the Spanish Inquisition, Slavery and the Extermination of Indigenous cultures are large scale examples of this.  

Is it fear of the unknown, jealousy or the need to feel powerful that causes us to do this? Depending on the situation it could be all of these possibilities. The reality is, to devalue anyone in any way harms us all. We are all kith and kin. Families have differences, but that is what makes them strong. Every life has equal value. It doesn’t matter how much money is in a bank account, what kind of car you drive or how big or small your home is. You matter, no more or less than the next person. 

Life matters. We as a species have not learned this lesson yet. What kind of people allow fellow human beings to be without a home or food? How many of us are one paycheck or a lost job away from being on the street? How many are looked down on because of a difference in belief systems? How many of us make assumptions about people based on how they look? Why? When we are capable of caring for everyone on our planet.  

Earth based faiths have a belief system that can be summed up in eight words. It’s a kind of moral code, a common ground that allows everyone to be who they are. To live their truth and be happy. The only requirement is that you don’t infringe on anyone else’s truth or happiness. It says: 

“An ye harm none, do what ye will”  

I like that.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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