The Weekend Ahead

The Empress holds the underlying energy for our Weekend Ahead. She is the third of the Major Arcana cards and this is a card of joy and optimism. It might take a couple of days to get to this place though. Let’s see how the weekend will work out for us.

Friday begins with the Eight of Cups. The suit of cups is intuitive and about the emotions we experience. The ones we may be feeling today may be sadness or disappointment. Is something missing, does something not feel right? It could be that walking away from something or someone is the only thing we can do. This card asks us, what would make us happy?

Saturday comes in with the first of two court cards, the Knight of Pentacles. When two court cards appear in the same reading their meaning is enhanced. When two of the same suit come together its meaning is amplified even more. The knights are about action, this one is about taking practical action. He tells us that having a plan and working it plan in a methodical way is the best course of action, especially after the need to walk away from something yesterday. Seeds must be planted and the work must be done.

Sunday wraps up the weekend with the second court card, the Queen of Pentacles. Like all the Queens of the Tarot she is intuitive and nurturing. The Queen of Pentacles is a strong Lady, capable of manifesting anything she desires. She is here to tell us that any goal can be reached if we use our intuition, common sense and don’t rush.

Our Bottom card, as you remember, is the Empress. She is creation, full of joy and abundance. As her energy follows us through the weekend it will reassure us that if a disappointment means walking away from something on Friday, it will be alright in the end because we have the Knight and the Queen of Pentacles working together to help us put things back together using our intuition, common sense and a good solid plan.

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