Perfectly Imperfect

Emotional pain is a reality in life. We hurt each other accidentally and sometimes on purpose. Even worse, we hurt ourselves. With judgment and comparison, we belittle who we are for what we see as a failure in some aspect of our makeup. We’re too tall, too short, too fat, too thin. We’re not smart enough, can’t play a sport, or we’re not thin and beautiful. It’s a very long heartbreaking list. 
Feeling like we aren’t “Enough” is a limitation we place on ourselves based on what society perceives as perfection. We absorb the beliefs of family and friends without questioning their validity in our lives. When we’re young we don’t know to question. Decades later we do, and the process of healing begins.  
Each Zebra has stripes different from every other Zebra, but it’s just as beautiful, and accepted as a member of the herd. Identical twins may look alike, sound alike and share mannerisms, but at their core they are separate beings 
It’s ok to be different. It’s alright to not be what society deems perfect, but know you are perfectly made, perfectly imperfect. Papa, or whomever you call God, doesn’t make mistakes. Each of us is designed for the life and lessons we are here to learn. For the path we are here to travel. So, it’s alright to suck at football if what you really love is math. It’s ok to rock tie dye and talk to the trees. Let those lost in judgment and comparison point fingers. Their path has nothing to do with yours. Be fully you. Keep working to reach your goals. It’s going to be hard and you might fail but failure is an opportunity be brave, determined, and to shine.  
Love yourself enough to give yourself a break. Let go of the fear, shame, judgment and see your beauty through Papas eyes. What you will see is Love looking back at you. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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