Peacock Ore in The Morning Light

Known as the Happiness Stone, Peacock Ore has two separate but similar mineral sources. Their chemical makeup is from Copper. Both of these minerals, Bornite and Chalcopyrite, are Copper Iron Sulfides. The main difference, aside from their slightly different chemical structure is that Chalcopyrite is given an acid wash to create the eye-popping blue-purple color of Peacock Ore. As a matter of fact most Peacock Ore found in crystal shop is Chalcopyrite that is being called Bornite. Since both of these minerals are sold as the same thing I will discuss them both.


This brownish-red mineral was first discovered in 1725 in the mountains of what would become the Czech Republic. It wasn’t named until 1845 for the mineralogist who first discovered it, Ignaz VonBorn. Some of the other places it can be found are Connecticut, Montana, Peru, Mexico and Australia among others. Because bornite has a copper base the surface tarnishes after exposure to the air and becomes beautifully iridescent. The Mohs scale has it at 3-3.25, so it’s a fairy soft material.

Some of the qualities of Bornite are:

  • It activates all the chakras.
  • It helps you deal with stress and lifes obstacles.
  • It regulates adrenaline
  • It helps reduce fever and swelling


Chalcopyrite is an extremely important mineral. It is the major source of copper used around the world and has been in use since the Bronze Age because it is so easily worked and turned into brass. In its raw form Chalcopyrite is more gold than Bornite and can be confused for gold. Like Bornite, it tarnishes once exposed to the air. On the Mohs scale Chalcopyrite is a little harder than bornite, registering between 3.5-4.

Chalcopyrite has a wonderful healing energy. Some of the qualities are:

  • It opens the Crown Chakra.
  • It is an excellent meditation aide.
  • It removes energy blocks.
  • Its grounding quality helps you stay balanced.
  • It helps release energy patterns that keep you stuck.
  • It is said to repair DNA.
  • It helps detox the body.


So is my sample Bornite or Chalcopyrite? I don’t know!! I would like to think it is Bornite. It doesn’t have the classic eye-popping Blue-purple color that Chalcopyrite gets from the acid bath. My piece has Quartz in it but both can be found with Quartz so that doesn’t help. I suppose since they are both Copper Iron Sulfides it may not really matter, but energetically they do different things for us. Therein lies the conundrum. If nothing else its gorgeous to look at and that will make you happy!

Anyway, if Peacock Ore sound like something you would like to work with I invite you to find a piece and give it a go. So this is where I must explain that I am not a doctor and wouldn’t even think of suggesting you not go to your doctor if you have a medical need. I am only suggesting alternate possibilities to enhance your health and well being.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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