A Week at a Glance

I really enjoy doing the daily tarot reading posts. I know BJ does as well. Reading tarot for as long as I have, I enjoy seeing the progression of the energy of a card affecting not only the day it is drawn for but also the potential impact it may have on the next. That influence can be seen in readings like this, where the days are laid out before you. Doing this reading was fun. I hope you enjoy a whole week at once.

The underlying energy for the week is coming from our center card, the Knight of Wands. The Knights in the Tarot are about taking action. This particular one can be impulsive, rash and arrogant. Being the suit of wands he can sometimes let his temper get the best of him. These are things we’ll have to watch out for as the week progresses.

Monday: The Three of Cups is the card that came for us today. This is a card of recognition and encouragement. The image on the card shows a workman in a conference with two others about a project to be done. In this meeting the workman is being carefully listened to by the two who are his employers. This tells us that we can successfully get going on a project today but it will take the cooperation, knowledge and skill of everyone involved. Everything necessary to get the job done is in the group. This might mean some compromise and letting go of something we feel strongly about but what matters is a quality finished product. Good communication will be key.

Tuesday: Today brings us the first of four Major Arcana cards for the week and it is The Star. This card is a message of hope, inspiration and being abundantly blessed. I love that this card came up after the Three of Pentacles. With the Star card anything is possible. It tells us to keep going, keep trusting, and listen to our intuition.

Wednesday: What an interesting card for today. We have the second major arcana card, The Devil. This is a card of the ego, illusion and feeling lost or trapped. It can also be about addiction to drugs, alcohol or even to old thought patterns and belief systems that hold us prisoner. Maybe we are having second thoughts about something or worrying that plans might go wrong. Perhaps we’ve fallen into negative thinking, you know those thoughts that leave us feeling like we can’t do anything right. The thing is we are the ones doing this to ourselves. When we look at the image on the Rider Waite version of this card, we see that the couple have chains around their necks. Their hands aren’t bound though and the chains are loose. They can be removed any time they choose. That means we can too. We know we are more than capable and with determination we can accomplish anything today!

Thursday: The Two of Cups is the card that came up for us and hints of a partnership of some kind. This is generally thought of as the marriage card and perhaps someone is thinking of popping the question! The energy of this card is about strong balanced partnerships but they can be in any form, marriage is just one type. We could have a potential work project with a team member being given the green light or have a friendship that is growing stronger. We need to remember that with this card there is an emotional stake between both parties involved in whatever is going on, so failure is not an option.

Friday: Today could be a “Holy Crap, what did I get myself into?” kind of day. We have the Nine of Swords bringing in fear, confusion and maybe a little anger. We love to go to the worst possible outcomes and obsess over them sometimes. If we are worrying about something today, whether personal or professional maybe we need to take a closer look at it and see if there isn’t something that needs to be adjusted. Our fear might be telling us that something is wrong and we aren’t seeing it, maybe we are going out of our way to not see the truth. The best thing we can do is put our fear aside and be completely objective about whatever is causing us to fear. If it is a work issue, talk to the team members. Maybe they are concerned about the same thing. If it’s personal, talk to someone trusted. Sometimes just getting things our in the open makes all the difference.

Saturday: We are rounding out the week with the last two Major Arcana cards. Today’s is The Emperor and what a great card! This card is powerful. It talks to us about authority, strategy, being practical and acting wisely. Our Emperor is a very wise man. He came to his position because the didn’t take foolish risks. When this card comes up its message is to think and plan carefully. If we do, success is assured. This is not a day to jump into anything without first taking the time to give it some thought, check the details and having a good solid plan first.

Sunday: We have one of the happiest cards in the Tarot today and it is The Fool. This young man is technically not a part of the Major Arcana, he is a category unto himself. I consider it the happiest because it reminds me of the time when life was more about our dreams, before we started listening to what people said we could an couldn’t do. The Fool is young, spontaneous and inexperienced but he has absolute faith and trust in himself and his future. Packed with that trust and faith he sets out on a journey, a new beginning to find his bliss.
What does your bliss look like today? A long hot bath? A drive in the country to see the fall colors? Snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn and a stack of movies? Whatever it is, Enjoy!!!

Bottom: This bring us back to the underlying energy of the week, our Knight of Wands. Yes, he can be impulsive and arrogant but he knows what he is capable of and he is very passionate about what he believes in. If we approach our week with this passion, stay focused and avoid negative thoughts and beliefs it could be an awesome week.

Please let me know what you think of this type of reading? I enjoy the daily posts but if you all enjoy this type I will switch to A Week at a Glance!

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