The Weekend Ahead

It seems as if our weekends lately have been full of issues and this one is keeping pace with the past since our underlying energy is coming from the Nine of Wands. It’s alright though, this means we’re clearing the emotional clutter from our lives and that is never a bad thing. So what is the weekend showing us? Let’s take a look.

Friday: Brings us the Five of Pentacles and with it we could have some difficulties as we move through our day. The decisions we’ve made in the past could come back to bite. Things might seem hard today, but the message this card brings is to hang in there, stay strong and sort out the days issues and keep going. If we look at the two people in the image on our card, we see that they are not living the best circumstances. They don’t look worried though, they don’t appear sad. They are moving forward and that is what we need to do. Work through the issues and keep going!

Saturday: Brought us the Six of Cups and it’s about trust, support and finding harmony. This card is also about giving and receiving, apologizing and forgiving, reunions and memories. Remember the past but don’t live there; learn what is needed, forgive and apologize. Beyond those things the Six of Cups tells us to cherish those we Love. See and be grateful for all of the blessings in our lives. Do something special with the people you Love tonight!

Sunday: The weekend comes to a close with the Four of Swords. It feels like this card has come up for us several times in recent weeks. We might have something on our minds and hearts today. Take the time to rest and regroup. Don’t let a list of things to do keep us from stepping back. This is a day for self care and listening to our intuition for direction.

Bottom: The underlying energy of our weekend is from the Nine of Wands and this feels like it’s been coming up a lot recently too. We might be feeling like we’ve been put through the wringer, beat up and bloody, but we’re not beaten. We’re almost there and standing on firm ground. Stand strong and be determined. We’ll make it.

Remember I am going to be in Minnesota next week and I will not have the available time to do daily Tarot draws. I will instead do one reading for the whole week with BJ.

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