Rhodonite in The Morning Light

Rhodonite is pink and black, a combination of manganese and magnesium. It’s very much a Heart Chakra stone that was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1790’s. Rhodonite can be found in small deposits around the world, sometimes with Pyrite, Calcite and Spessartine. A few of the countries this can be found in are Russia, Canada, Brazil, Peru, England and the US.  The MOHS scale hardness is midrange at about 5.5. 

Some of the qualities of this stone are: 

  • Very powerful Heart Chakra stone for healing old emotional wounds. 
  • A stone of unconditional Love. 
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and anger. 
  • Helps to release resentment and forgive. 
  • It neutralizes negativity to help balance the emotions. 
  • It helps prevent you from saying things you might regret. 
  • It helps nurture and support your inner self to help you reach your full potential. 

On the physical level: 

  • It supports the function of the liver. 
  • Helps detox your body of toxins. 
  • It helps reduce inflammation. 
  • If placed by the bed it helps improve sleep quality. 

 This is where I must give my normal disclaimer. You know, the one where I tell you I am not a doctor and do not in any way suggest you give up allopathic medicine in all its wonders. I am only giving options to enhance your life and spiritual growth.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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