Heading to Chanhassen

Hello everyone. I am leaving later today for a JusticeDay rally in Chanhassen Minnesota. I am excited for this trip. Several people are joining me the truth of Princes murder is close. This truth will change everything and trigger big changes for the world.

I will be gone for a week and because I will be very busy during these days I have decided to work with BJ to create a week at a glance Tarot post instead of doing the daily posts. I am kind of excited for this. Seeing the week laid out all at once gives a whole new perspective to the cards and the energy they carry across the week. Going forward if you all like this kind of format I will do a week at a time rather than one day at a time.

I have most of the Wednesday and Friday Crystals post scheduled ahead so they should be on time for you. Have a great week. #Justice4Prince  http://www.justice4prince.com

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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