Today’s Daily Draw

The Five of Swords tells us it’s good to know when to stand and fight and when to walk away. The motivation between these two choices is what we need to decide today especially when our bottom card is the Lovers.

Looking at the five of swords we see a young man holding three swords (our thoughts, ideas or beliefs) as he watches two people walking away from theirs. He has a nasty, in your face, look about him and he seems pretty full of himself. The question we can’t help but ask is; he may have won but is he really the winner? All three people in the image are standing on solid ground, telling us that their point of view or idea was just as valid as the main characters. Did they lose or choose to walk away because they saw that no matter what they said, they weren’t being heard.

Stubbornly holding onto our point of view today might not be the best choice. The Lovers card is about relationships, partnerships and the choices we make in relation to them. Today we are going to have to decide if winning at all costs and potentially losing the respect, a friendship or the love of people we care about is worth it. Is our goal so important that nothing else matters? Perhaps having an honest conversation with anyone involved about our beliefs, our values and ambitions is a better idea that could lead to a compromise that benefits everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Three Day and the creative, positive energy is just what we need to help us find a workable solution for everyone.

Today’s Crystals

Three crystals were chosen to accompany today’s cards. We have Flourite, Rutilated Quartz and Aquamarine. Flourite gives us clarity, Rutilated Quartz helps us get to the bottom of issues and Aquamarine will help us speak from the heart with compassion to get our thoughts and ideas across.

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