Today’s Daily Draw

It looks like we could have some kind of breakthrough today. Our underlying energy is from the Three of Cups and this is a card of celebration. When looking at our main card, the Ace of Swords, with the light of our bottom card, we see that we could have some kind of revelation. The swords are about thought, belief systems and they bring challenges in how we think and react. We also know the aces of the tarot are beginnings. That’s exciting!

Something to remember is that our sword is double-edged meaning that our revelation could be a new way of seeing and issue, our motivations or those of others or look at a part of ourselves we don’t want to see. This can help us find clarity about our jobs, personal lives and perhaps show us where we can cut the ties to aspects that don’t serve us anymore. It could mean an opportunity to work on a project with someone who will really help it move forward. Maybe the revelation is that it is time to connect with friends or family we haven’t seen in a while.

Whatever our breakthrough may be, if we step up, embrace the power of our Ace of Swords and it’s possibilities, this could be a day to celebrate!

Today’s Universal Number

What a great universal number we have today! This is an 11/2 day and it’s energy, like all master numbers, ups the ante. Eleven brings us the energy of the visionary and the master teacher. It will help us see things that we may not have before. Perfect!

Today’s Crystals

The choices today are Carnelian and Nuumite. Carnelian gives us determination, confidence and courage. These will come in handy today. Nuumite increases the synchronicity in our lives, increases intuitive ability and clairvoyance. These qualities will be useful today as well.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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