Today’s Daily Draw

If we’re not careful we might have a lot of energy and ideas that go nowhere today. As you see our underlying energy is the Five of Wands, telling us there could be some confusion or a conflict of ideas as we go through our day. Chances are this is going to be from our main card, the Page of Wands. Now the Pages of the Tarot are full of ideas, new opportunities and transformation. The problem is they are young and don’t always have a lot of follow through on those dreams.

We see our Page standing in a barren area, admiring the beautiful bud of an idea. The reality is unless he does something it will be nothing more than a beautiful dream. Both cards have a great deal of red, orange and yellow; telling us that there is a goodly amount of passion in the air surrounding what is going on. The problem is as simple as communication, or the lack of communication!

Take charge if necessary and get people listening to and respectfully discussing all the potential ideas. In the end it doesn’t matter who has the best idea. We just need ONE that everyone can agree on and work with to accomplish our goals!

Today’s Universal Number

Our universal number is Seven today and what an excellent number for today! The seven is about wisdom, knowledge and insight. When we use these qualities in a good productive manner we can surely agree on a course of action for the day, a project or anything else we may be facing.

Today’s Crystals

It seemed like the quality most needed today is Motivation and drive so I chose Carnelian and Tangerine Quartz. Both are the color of the sacral Chakra and both also work with the Root Chakra. The give us a boost of energy, help us let go of fear and will help us get going and get things done!!


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