Today’s Daily Draw

The universe is blessing us with a day that is pregnant with promise! The underlying energy is coming from the Empress. She is sometimes shown as being pregnant. For those trying to have a child this might be a good opportunity! The Empress is the original Earth Mother. She is about abundance, creativity and promise. Our main card is the Magician. Anytime he comes into our vision his message is to not hold back. As a child of the universe we have more power than we know; we have all the tools and skills we need to accomplish any goal.

This is a power packed combination of cards folks. The message they bring is that we are on the right track and just need to be confident in our skills an abilities. Tap into our potential today; use all the resources available and remember we are already everything we seek. We may get a new opportunity presented to us or an idea that could take an existing dream and make it a reality. If we devote ourselves to a goal we are sure to succeed. Don’t give up!!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Six Day. This energy is about relationships and how we manage and grow them. Included in this is our relationship with ourselves and our dreams. We need to Love and Honor ourselves enough to try, and to keep trying.

Today’s Crystals

If we are talking about the Magician and possibilities Labradorite has to be a crystal of choice! Its energy brings back the light og Magick to our lives, it opens our awareness and psychic abilities to show us anything is possible. Rose Quartz is also an excellent choice. Being a member of the massive Quartz Family it holds all the qualities of the clan as well as its radiating love for ourselves and others. Perfect!!

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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