Today’s Daily Draw

The truth isn’t always easy to find, to hear or to wait for, but it’s something most of us want. Today we may be seeking it in our work or personal lives. Justice is our main card and it tells us if it’s honesty we want, we won’t find it searching from a place that holds judgment against one side or the other.

Our bottom card, the Four of Swords, is hinting that finding the truth might take some time, so don’t rush. Think about it, be objective, get the facts of the situation and take a look at them without bias. When the Justice card comes up it demands that a wrong be made right, but we need time to reflect and decide how we feel and how to handle the situation before taking action. Especially if the truth is not what was expected.

Justice will always find its way to the light. If we are the ones in the wrong, do what is necessary to make amends as quickly as possible and with no excuses. Whether or not we are forgiven doesn’t matter. We, at least, made it right. If the issue involves work, and not us directly, the process might be a bit tricky. Perhaps a meeting with HR, the boss and the people involved will be needed.

Today’s Universal NUmber

We have a 22/4 day. This is a great number for today. Where the number four gives us organization, discipline and structure to create a solid foundation, the 22 gives us these same qualities on a larger scale. We can find the truth today!

Today’s Crystals

Labradorite and Hypersthene were chosen for today. Labradorite expands our awareness and heightens our intuition which allows us to see the truth. Hypersthene is a wonderful choice when we are looking for answers to any question.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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