The Weekend Ahead

As look to our weekend ahead we see that the underlying energy is the Knight of Pentacles. The Knights are about movement and action, but this guy has a different approach. His motto is, “Slow but sure”. We might want to keep this in mind as we move through our weekend.

Friday begins with the Nine of Wands. In the Tarot the nine tells us we’ve done the hard work and if we only hold out a little longer we’ll get there. The image on our card shows us a wall of wands behind our battered hero. This tells us we can be sure we are protected. Those wands could represent people who have our back. We also see our hero is standing on solid ground. He knows what he is fighting for and why. If we are faced with something that isn’t going as planned or doesn’t seem to be working, the decision to give in is an individual choice for us all. But, if it’s something we believe in and are willing to fight for, hang in there and keep up the fight. Take another look, perhaps there is something that needs a readjustment. We’re nearly there!

Saturday comes in with the High Priestess. She is here to tell us that things may not be as they appear today. It might be a good idea to take some time to look at the situation and see if we can find what might not be working. If we listen to our intuition as well as checking the facts we should be able to get things back on track.

Sunday rounds out our weekend with The Fool leading the way. This card is about being brave and taking a leap of faith. If we are open and stay curious we will see potential for success in whatever we are working toward and go for it.

This brings us back to our bottom card, The Knight. He reminds us to be patient this weekend. Take time to consider our plans, where we want to go and any consequences that might arise because of them. Stay committed, listen to your intuition and take a leap of faith.

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