Don’t Choose it!

Sit back for a minute and imagine what your life would be like if fear was not part of the equation. Granted, fear has a role to play in our lives. It warns us when we might be in danger and hopefully stops us from doing stupid things, but imagine…

If fear didn’t stop you:

  • Would you be working your current job or doing something you love?
  • Would you be living where you are?
  • Would you be married or single?
  • Would you have children?
  • Would you be more honest?
  • Would you take more risks?

Would you be the same person you are right now?

Most of us would say, no, we wouldn’t be the same person. We would be freer; we would take risks that we shy away from now. We wouldn’t keep a job that we might hate because we have to pay the bills. We wouldn’t get married because we fear being alone, or stay married because we’re afraid we couldn’t make it on our own. We wouldn’t use fear as a replacement for dreams set aside.

Fear is a killer. It kills dreams, self-confidence, relationships, trust, and truth. Fear is a liar. I know I have said that several times, but it bears repeating.

Fear is a Liar!!!

It tells us we can’t, we won’t, we aren’t enough and never will be. Getting beyond this takes work. We have to understand and work through whatever emotion is causing the fear. It could be an issue from this lifetime or a past one, but if we want to be free we need to discover its cause, feel it and heal it.

Ultimately fear is a choice. We can choose to let it rule our lives or we can live the life we came here to experience. You might ask, what if fear is a lesson we’re learning this time? Well, that’s fine. The lessons we come here to learn don’t have to take an entire lifetime.

Life is meant to be lived full on, not from the sidelines and not by default. Be willing to do the emotional work. Get help if you need it to work through an issue. Choose to be your best version not a second or third choice.




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