Today’s Daily Draw

We have the Shaman as our underlying energy telling us we should step back and observe rather than get involved if at all possible. Today is not a day for taking action and it might be a good idea to keep a distance and be deliberate with our interactions with people. Our main card is The Web, in a more traditional deck this is the Justice card. There could be some kind of issue or argument going on today and steering clear of it is what we should do. We need to be clear about what is going on and decide if it’s something we want or need to get involved in. Our cards are also telling us that other people’s opinions are fine but if we must make any move today it should be made based on what we believe and hold as our truth. Long term consequences should be considered too because we need to be careful about what we say and to whom. We don’t want to get involved with anything that could be considered questionable. The truth of whatever is going on today will come out and we want to be sure we’re on the right side when it does.

Today’s Universal Number

This is an Eight Day. The energy of the eight is powerful, highly structured and organized. It will help us examine what we think and believe today.

Today’s Crystals

The crystal choices today are Tree Agate and Clear Quartz. Tree Agate is technically not an agate at all but it’s energy will give us the support we need today. Clear Quartz will clear the negative energy and bring in positive.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!



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